Gary Brown - Can the Bluesette Reunion be replayed?
Uk -
Nolan - bye.....really
Sharon Bernstein Peyton - Nolan: Here's just one more thank you for your generosity before you sign off.
Nolan - I think this is the last one.
Nolan -
Sharon Bernstein Peyton - Nolan: I'm here until the end. The original hours were 2-10pm. What is your agreement with him? Ken and the other musicians never seem to want to stop. I wish I had his energy.
Nolan - encores
Berni - bye nolan-thanks again
stephanie - Thank you to all who put this great reunion together, especially Kenny, and extra thanks for letting me see it in California!
Nolan - bye
Berni - I hope someone gets him some electrolytes!
Barry Davis "The Professor" - Ken has always been like that.. both of us were worn out for the past three reuinons... LOL
John & Dotty Reynolds - Good night ALL. This has been a fun day of great music and seeing and talking to all our friends!
Berni - I was wondering about that.
Nolan - Ken Wolle must be exhausted. I think he played with every band but one.
Barry Davis "The Professor" - Nolan, Tell Joe that I have been watching and want to say hello to all there. Perch KB player...
Berni - hi nolan-Thanks for all of your work today. you must be exhausted!
Lucienne - thank you it been fun listening's way beyond bedtime here
Nolan - It is 9:30 and winding down
Lucienne - Oh I'm sorry I forgat to oput in my name, that was Lucienne from Amsterdam
Berni - Who is posting?
- until what time this is going on? what time is it over there anyway..
Berni - Thanks-
Barry Davis "The Professor" - Will do Berni... miss you....
Berni - Thanks, Barry. I was on for hours from the beginning and had to get back to my life. So glad I tuned in now as my old friend,Louisa is playing. Hey tell Kenny I said "Hi".
Barry Davis "The Professor" - T Bone Mojo
Berni - Hi-who are we watching?
Barry Davis "The Professor" - Would love to have been there playing keys tonight with Perch, but had prior commiment to fulfill...
- Miss playing key tonight
Barry Davis "The Professor" - Hey all... couldnt make it down town but been watching since 7PM... Hi Sharon John and Dotty love to you all....
Sharon Bernstein Peyton - Nolan that sounds good. Thanks again and again.
Nolan - I'll give a full report of viewers tomorrow.
Marv Egolf - Joe said over 200
Sharon Bernstein Peyton - Nolan - Did I hear someone say that there had been over 200 different people on the webcast during the day?
John & Dotty Reynolds - Round Rock Texas just outside of Austin
Nolan - You're welcome. Where are you?
John & Dotty Reynolds - Thank you Nolan for getting this great day of music to us all over the world. The connection was wonderful! :)
John & Dotty Reynolds - Thank you Nolan for getting this great day of music to us all over the world. The connection was wonderful! :)
John & Dotty Reynolds - Thank you Nolan for getting this great day of music to us all over the world. The connection was wonderful! :)
Ken Killion - Greetings from St. Louis. Great show. Thanks very much for putting it up on the Web. (Froggy & The Gremlins; Bluesette '67)
John & Dotty Reynolds - Thank you Nolan for getting this great day of music to us all over the world. The connection was wonderful! :)
John & Dotty Reynolds - Thank you Nolan for getting this great day of music to us all over the world. The connection was wonderful! :)
John & Dotty Reynolds - Thank you Nolan for getting this great day of music to us all over the world. The connection was wonderful! :)
Sharon Bernstein Peyton - Debi - This band is Mile Nine. Yes,I believe it is Pete and Ken. Very, very impressive!!!
maurice - good stuff... was there earlier
dvz - cool still on
Nolan - OK carry on.
Nolan - Don't chat for a minute. I need to fix something
dj - BRING IT ........................................ YES,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
debi - i finally got back o who ever is playing now is exxxxxxx ce lent, is that pete?
Nolan - click here
Nolan - To all who have offered their appriciation I say "It is my pleasure" especially because I get to be here in person. You can subscribe to my newsletter to see what I'm up to in the future.
- Yes I love that I can watch it too by webcast..all the way from Amsterdam and be part of the fun , isn't it great all the techno that makes this possible...
Sharon Bernstein Peyton - Nolan - Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity in providing the Webcast and in giving my message to everyone.
BluesGate Jams - Nolan, please thank Fred and Lee (and your own bad self) ... diggin' this !
Lucienne - Just got here late but..I'm here... listening from Holland...pretty cool!
Sharon Bernstein Peyton - Nolan- would you please ask Joe Buccheri to announce that I have been watching every minute so far and would like to send my love to every one.
Nolan - Yes, my joke. Fred and Lee were in Climb-a-donkey. Spike is the "kid" singing.
Sharon Bernstein Peyton - Nolan-Climb-a-donkey was a band in the 60's. Spike-a-donkey may be an in joke about that.
Sharon Bernstein Peyton - Nolan, thanks, I don't recognize the name but they,re doing a great job! I love Cream. I saw them live at the Baltimore Civic Center in the 1960's. Hard to believe three musicians could make such a full sound!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nolan - Lee Townsend is on bass
Sharon Bernstein Peyton - Don L - So very glad to have you back here. The original Urch Perch were formed at the Bluesette and were the most popular Baltimore band that played at the Bluesette. They are no longer a working band but live forever in our memories of the 1960's. Ken Wolle the drummer was in Urch Perch. The two guitars, Fred Tepper and Pete Wulforst played in other Bluesette bands. I'm not sure who is playing bass. The singer is new and good. They are doing a great job!
jmgibbs - it isn't opening
Milkfoot - Thanks for broadcasting this!
Nolan - Spike-a-Donkey??
Sharon Bernstein Peyton - Don L - the current band is a new band/pick-up band called Mothballs with Fred Tepper on guitar, Pete Wulforst on guitar, Ken Wolle on drums, and Matt Siran on bass.
Tom D'Antoni - What color is Joe's tie, really?
Tom D'Antoni - depends on who has the publishing lol
Sharon Bernstein Peyton - Don't they call that "poetic license" or something?
Tom D'Antoni - I emailed the producer and label owner, Frank Guida, a few years ago and asked him if he was still alive. He emailed me back, "Damn right I am!" Still in Norfolk too. He was "Daddy G" on the other US Bonds tunes.
Don L. - Just came back ... can someone tell me who is playing now?
Nolan - Baltimore song now!!
Tom Dantoni - This isn't really a New Orleans song, it was done by Gary U.S. Bonds who was from Norfolk. :)
Sharon Bernstein Peyton - Davis, I remember you. You're my brother. So glad you could join us. Maybe Ed would be interested if you told him?
Tom D'Antoni - You gotta suffer if you wanna sing the Blues.
Sharon Bernstein Peyton - The singer is Matt Siran, the bass player for Urch Perch.
Davis Bernstein - Greetings - - - I imagine only a few folks will remember me. My friend Ed and I used to work the front door and the lights. I just saw Ed last month. He has three children and two grandchildren. I live mostly in California and Hawaii; married to Patti with children. I hope the reunion if going well!!! Davis
Tom D'Antoni - Was either just before or just after she was my gf.
Sharon Bernstein Peyton - Mothballs is what you call a pick up band. Matt lives in California and I'm guessing they just started playing together. Not exactly a jam, more polished.
Nolan - Fred Tepper on guit Ken Wolle on drums. I don't know the others
Tom D'Antoni - Around 72-73
- they must be small lol
Sharon Bernstein Peyton - Tom D.- No I don't. I left before she arrived. When did she do that?
- a new band-called the Moth Balls
- who is this?
Sharon Bernstein Peyton - They must have renovated since 2005. I don't recall that problem then. In 2005 Frazier's was so funky that it made the Bluesette look good! LOL
Tom D'Antoni - Sharon, so you remember Marti's Painter's Mill streak?
Sharon Bernstein Peyton - Jerry Perman - What elementary school reunion? I never heard of anyone doing that. I attended Pimlico Elementary #223, K-6th
Nolan - There is a booth to it's right. That's as far to the right it will go.
Sharon Peyton - Nolan, I can't resist asking, why is the speaker stack in the middle of the stage?
Sharon Peyton - Tom D'Antoni - I worked as an advertising salesperson at WAYE starting in October, 1970 shortly after they began playing hard rock music.
Sharon Peyton - Donna,formerly Pete was behind the PA speakers.
stephanie - This is so great that we can still be there even though 3000 miles away. Joshua -you are a great band!
Jerry Perman - Sandy Racher, singer and guitarist, was my best friend 50 years ago when we were both ten years old and we reconnected a couple months ago for an elementary school reunion. Although we both play guitar and sing, Sandy in the REAL THING with Joshua!!! Way to go Sandy on Statesboro Blues and Red House!!!
Marv Egolf - That is Donna.
Sharon Peyton - Berni-good bye for now!
stephanie - Music sounds so great- Donna is that you hidden behind that pole
Berni - Bye and thank you,Nolan!
Berni - Oregon Music News, correct?
Tom D'Antoni - Bye Berni...please do!
Berni - Hi all-I am signing off for now. This was wonderful. Tom-stay well. Next time we come to Portland, I'll look you up.
Marv Egolf - It was cool being there for awhile. Had to come home and take care of some work remotely. Thankfully I can catch the remainder online.
Tom D'Antoni - I wanted to be Hot Rod so bad.
Berni - Cool! Tell him I say Hi!
John & Dotty Reynolds - We see Henry!
Berni - I KNEW you would say that. You are right/ no, I mean correct, sir.
Tom D'Antoni - But we were all influenced by Fat Daddy and Hot Rod.
Tom D'Antoni - R&B grew out of the Blues.
Mitch - Well The good thing is that I can experience this from home for a little while . Sounds great
Berni - Sharon-Tell your brother I said hi next time you see him. I said hi but he didn't respond.Is he still in Baltimore?
Berni - don't *think*
Mitch - Thnak You Sharon. Hope you can do this again soon .
Berni - Tom-you are forgetting R & B's huge presence and I don't it grew totally out of the blues
Berni - Berni w/o an E on the end. you're welcome!
Mitch -
- Thanks Bernie
Tom D'Antoni - Everything was Blues-based in those days.
Berni - Tepper, yes. Urch Perch, no
Tom D'Antoni - Tell Joe, "I nevah like you." lol
Berni - We made electricity, man
Mitch - Did I miss Fred Tepper and Urch Perch?
Tom D'Antoni - Did we have electricity then?
Berni - Thanks for the humor, at least, and for trying. I haven't "seen" any of these guys since 1976-
Nolan - No, the schedule is a tightly held secret
Berni - Thanks, Nolan. Do you know when Louisa is on?
Nolan - Joshua is next
Bill - Nighty night
Bill - Miss you too..
Berni - Bill-Take good care. I sent you a FB invitation.
Tom D'Antoni - Nite Bill
John & Dotty Reynolds - Goodnight Bill, we'll miss you!
Tom D'Antoni - "User" is his middle name.
Bill - This has been wonderful.
Berni - Tom-I think I sort of knew that. whenever he had a new girlfriend he wanted to impress, he called me and Igor and asked to bring her to our apt on Bolton St to have dinner. I guess we were his "hip" friends.He also used me to get an interview with Biff rose, who was an old family friend.
Tom D'Antoni - who's up next?
Bill - It's almost 12:00 AM and Switzerland is about to sign off to go sleepy time.
- it's the Law ?
Tom D'Antoni - And O'Rourke used to piss in the sink.
Berni - If you aren't going to identify yourself, please don't post
Tom D'Antoni - All that shit was just beneath the surface with O'Rourke. He only played the hippie thing to get chicks.
- whenever i think of joe, i always think of Thai-stick
Berni - I recall some of that. Kinda self-centered.
Sharon Peyton - Yeah Berni! I remember hanging out with PJ O'Rourke with his blonde hair hanging down his back and then I see him on CSPAN as mister conservative. What a shock!!!
Tom D'Antoni - lucky John!
Tom D'Antoni - He was always a son-of-a-bitch, believe me.
Dotty Reynolds - I've been dancing. No one can see me except JOHN!
Berni - OKAY
Tom D'Antoni - Don't get me started.
Berni - Tom-Can't believe how PJ morphed or un-morphed.
Tom D'Antoni - YAY! DANCERS!
Tom D'Antoni - Orange Sunshine was handed to me at the Smoke-In at the Mall in DC when I arrived. Made for a fine piece in HARRY, which was included in a book of such stories. lolol
Berni - funky!
Bill - Thanks Nolan...I haven't seen Max in many long years
dvz - Yay! Lee
Berni - It's never sounded better
Dotty & John - Orange Sunshine was the cause of a lot things!
Nolan - I got max to come over for a minute but there isn't much room in my spot so he isn't hanging around.
Sharon Peyton - Just to clarify I was just making a joke about the fact that things may not be that organized. The music all sounds great.
Tom D'Antoni - ....Orange Sunshine, I believe, was the cause
Berni - Please tell him Hi for me, too.
Bill - He was for a second
Tom D'Antoni - We had to give all the money we would have made back to the hall for repairs lol
Berni - Is Max on here?
Bill - Miss you Max
Tom D'Antoni - Hey Max!
Tom D'Antoni - YES! That was one wild show! I'm surprised they didn't call the cops
Berni - The Berrigsn Bros(fathers) old stomping grounds, I think.
Bill - Hi Max hugs back at ya
Bill - Yes!
max - hey Bill and Bill wow I was think of you and just want to send peace love and hugs your way
Berni - You mean Corpus Christi?
Tom D'Antoni - I'll never forget the HARRY benefit at the church hall near the Institute. HD played there. They banned hippies after that. :) What was the name of that hall?
Bill - Kenny sounds great
Sharon Peyton - Ken Wolle is "winging" today's event so pretend you are "stoned" like in the old days and it will all sound just fine!!!!
Bill - Please tell Max and the gang that Bill Rollins says hello too.
Bill - Doing a great job Nolan
Berni - Thank you Nolan- You rock!
Tom D'Antoni - Nolan, would you mind telling Max I said hi and I still appreciate him and the band playing the HARRY benefits?
Nolan - I'm here running the webcast
Berni - Thanks Sharon-nice to know you tried.
Bill - I don't think so Tom
Tom D'Antoni - Anyone in the chat actually there?
Sharon Peyton - Paul Rugg and I were in close contact when I lived in LA from about 1980-1985. I attended his wedding in Ventura,CA to a lady named Cookie?. She was very nice, they lived in the San Fernando Valley for a while but things didn't work out and he left her. I stayed in touch with her for a while but completely lost touch with Paul at that point. Then I moved to Marin County. Paul was a "rolling stone" without a permanent address so I was never able to reconnect with him. I tried on the internet.
Tom D'Antoni - Anybody in the chat actually there?
- !!!
Berni - they are having a good time!
- mebbie edward Plant
Berni - Yea!
Berni - Maybe if you check their website, it'll have the personnel
- ha
- imagine how good he would be if he wasn't standing on his head
- yes he is good
Berni - I missed what you said about Terrance. went by too fast :(
Bill - He is good whoever it is,
- sounds like Fred's got some throat issues today
- he could be standing on his head. we can't see
- thx K
Keith N - not Lee - Lee plays bass left handed
dvz - is dj Joe the dj?
- maybe he's hiding from the feds
- he's polish?
dvz - could be Lee but he may not be there yet...pan if possible Nolan?
- the pole
- um
Bill - Does anyone know who is playing bass?
dj - terrence was at the first reunion, hangs out w henry, lives right down the street, i belive all the daughtry's well good.
- Im harmonizing but Fred is not in your key!!!
dvz - Freddi make it up, your voice is great!!!
Berni - Was just talking to Trevor about when Paul hit the scene, he was just out of the army and Denny had to be the sweetest guy around. He loved running that Super-Trooper.
John Reynolds - I lost track of Paul a long time ago. He was living on a boart in Southern California at the time. No clue what has happened to Denny. Miss them both!
Berni - john-what happened to paul rugg and denny daugherty?
- Hey Ken!!
- Hey Ken!!
- Hey Ken!!
- Hey Ken!!
Tom D'Antoni - Wish you would look me up next time you come up
- Hey Ken!!
- Hey Ken!!
- Hey Ken!!
- Hey Ken!!
- Hey Ken!!
- Hey Ken!!
- Hey Ken!!
John Reynolds - I check it out from time to time. I miss Portland. I used to go there a lot on business. Great city!
- Hey Ken!!
- Hey Ken!!
- Hey Ken!!
Tom D'Antoni - Did I tell you about the site I edit?
- Hi Fred!!!
John Reynolds - Still here and still married to Dotty. Had a great Austin City Limits Fest last month. Steuart Smith from Aux played guitar for the Eagles and we had front row!
Tom D'Antoni - You still in Texas?
Tom D' -
Tom D'Antoni - HEY JOHN!!!!!
John Reynolds - Hey Tom. Old legacy's die hard. Bluesette, Harry, TreeFrog, ...
DVZ - Yup!
Tom D'Antoni - Hey camera guy. Let's see the hippie chicks. lololol
Keith N - @DVZ: still on?
- I can see that too
Tom D'Antoni - no, nobody ever said that. they always say i look like Francis Ford Copolla
Berni - Can anyone find out when Louisa is playing?
- @ Tom - you resemble the guy from Dexter, you must be told that a lot.
Bill - I guess we can't get a message through to the bands.
Tom D'Antoni - John Reynolds from Tree Frog and I email a few times a year.
Berni - hi Davis, Berni(used to be Sober-Givotovsky)here. How are you?
Tom D'Antoni - Marti's Painter's Mill streak is legendary.
Bill - LOL Tom
Tom D'Antoni - Oh hell, there are gfs I don't recognize anymore
Berni - I have been gone from 21201 for so long, I almost don't remember anything but WCAO
Bill - And you didn't recognize him either?
Tom D'Antoni - Remember when she streaked Painter's Mill?
Davis Bernsteinx - Davis Bernstein
Nolan - Yes Joe Buccheri. What is the message and for who?
Tom D'Antoni - I was at WAYE at the same time he was. With Marti McClain
Berni - Amazing who is still alive and in Balto, nno?
Berni - that's what the promos say
Tom D'Antoni - omg. Joe Buccheri? Really?
Bill - Can we get a message to them? If so tell them thanks and where is Russel Stone?
Berni - I think it's Joe Buccheri
- NO
Berni - Right-Is there a band Kenny isn't in?
Tom D'Antoni - No, Who is MCing?
Bill - Oh I'm looking forward to hearing them!
Berni - *Duty*
- Yeah Magic Bullet!! Freddies and Kenny's band
Tom D'Antoni - Who is this?
Berni - Someone thank Howdy duty for us!
Dotty & John - So are we!
Keith N - looks like changeover time....NEXT band
Berni - Don't criticize the musicians who are playing their heart out, please.
Berni - I am back, and have sound nd video
Keith N - need more cowbell
Bill - Much Better
Tom D'Antoni - Let's see Max do a pole dance.
Keith N - much better on the video...yeah, there's a pole BUT we now see a bass player...
Nolan - The speaker stack is in the middle of stage
Bill - There's a pole in the way
- Hey DVZ!!! How's the weather in your neck o the woods?
Berni - the picture has frozen, also. I'm gonna log out and come back in
Keith N - is there a 4th player on stage? If so the camera should be panned if possible - and zoomed out...
- Keith N - Hey from dvz
Nolan - Sound is working. Try re-loading the web page
Berni - Thanks bill-
Keith N - looking/sounding good!!!
Bill - That's interesting Berni, I still have sound
Tom D'Antoni - Turn your hearing aid up
Berni - I have no sound
Tom D'Antoni - I ought to have a Howdy Doody flashback, I was always tripping at HARRY benefits lolol
debi - oh oh i lost the people on line, sorry, be back when i can see to write
Tom D' -
Tom D'Antoni - No, he's an old fart like me.
Dotty & John - there was your flashback,Tom
Bill - And you didn't recognize him?
Tom D'Antoni - Max played a shitload of HARRY benefits for us. Always one of my favorites.
- thx
- Jeff Silverman on Bass
- Kenny on Drums yes Howdy doody
Tom D'Antoni - Wait....Max from Howdy Doody?
* - Thanx.
- Tbone and Max Ochs
Tom D'Antoni - I'm on a conference call with my business partners. :(
Don L. - Just came back ... can someone tell me who is playing now?
Dotty & John - I'm dancing, anyone else?
Berni - ☺
Nick - That means I'm having dinner too. Be back later.
Berni - Come back soon.I think they're having dinner
Dotty & JOHN - Hi Nick Martin Welcome!
Nick - Aww yeah, you betcha!
Berni - Nick Martin?
Barbara - What happened to the live chat screen? Mine is empty.
Nick - All right be right back. By the way, did my dad log off?
Bill - It's in the men's room
- Yeah...that one
Berni - The one you came in on?
Nick - Has anyone seen my horse?
Berni - Tom-I'll check it out. I used to be Givotovsky and yes-Very Happy Wet
Tom D'Antoni - Bellingham. Happy wet.
Tom D'Antoni - I run Oregon Music News
Bellingham - I am in Bellingham
Bill - Thanks Nolan
Tom D'Antoni - Yes, the People's Republic of Portland, Oregon
Nolan - I changed the refresh to every 15 sec.
Diana dvz/Parkland, FL - Hey Sandalina!!!
Tom D'Antoni - Is Sandie Castle's store near there?
Bill - Yes Tom
Berni - Tom-are you in Portland?
Dotty Reynolds - YES in Hampden HON!
Berni - Don't forget about that song
Tom D'Antoni - Is this as Frasers in Hampden?
- Hi Sandalina, it's Diana
Bill - Hi Sandalina
Trevor - Logging off for now but will check in again later, Bye for now.
Berni - Welcome, Sandalina
Barbara - Trev, at least you're still working! Keep me posted!
Berni - Me too-this is amazing
Sandalina - Glad to join you all, despite being on the other side of the world.
Sandalina - Glad to join you all, despite being on the other side of the world.
John Reynolds - Bernie, wish I knew. I keep switching back and forth.
Trevor - Hi Barb - wouldn't that be nice but not in the cards anytime soon. I got outsourced to Cerner Medical and no longer work for EJ hospital. I doubt the new company will spring for that off the bat - but next year might be a go.
Berni - thanks
Berni - Is there a way to watch in full screen and not miss the postings?
Trevor - Hey J & D, WIll pass the link to George now
Berni - Go ahead D'Antoni-Enjoy yourself, please
Barbara - Hey, Trev........good to hear from you. Any plans to come to SF again this year?
Tom D'Antoni - Is it ok if I have an acid flashback? I never had one and I always wanted one.
Trevor - Hi to all the friends now logged on. I only get to see the last couple of posts because the page refreshes too fast so I cant see everybodies name - But Hi to all.
Berni - Hey Trevs- I missed your sign in. sorry♥
Sharon Peyton - Nolan, thanks for asking. Tell him I said thanks for all his effort and winging it will be just fine!
Bill - Always loved Jeff
John & Dotty - Good to hear from you Trevor, welcome to the party!!!!!! Have you called George?
Tom D'Antoni - Where are the roadies? Where are the groupies? Where am I, I can't remember.
Bill - Great Trevs and you?
Trevor - Hey Berne.
Trevor - Hey Bill, Bernie called me and told me to log on. How ya doing?
Berni - Wow- Jeff Silverman on bass. He never knew how good he really was.
Tom D'Antoni - I'm lucky if they don't puke when they look at me.
Nolan - Sharon, Kenny says we are just winging it
Bill - Cool Hi Trevor
Berni - :)
Tom D'Antoni - You sure this isn't a HARRY benefit?
Bill - If young girls look right through are that old
Berni - Hey billy-I just talked to Trevor and he's watching from the supper table.
Tom D'Antoni - Nah, I'm still 25 with hair down to my ass and crabs, right?
- no, you just look older
Sharon Peyton - Nolan, can you get the band line-up from Kenny and give it to us?
Bill - Yep
Tom D'Antoni - Holy fuck, am I that old too?
Berni - Amazing guy-I'd like to hear him play Dink's Blues
- I love Max
Diana dvz/Parkland, FL - Hello aa
aa - hello parkland!
Aaron GL -
Stephanie - Stephanie McGuire, living in San Jose, Ca for many years now. Was in Hamden 2 weeks ago though. My Dad grew up on Keswick Road. And I lived down on Mill Race Road for a while in the late 60's
- I wonder if Max can hear us typing
dj - oh-oh, turn around so we can see you all!
Rollins - Me and my 15 other personalities
me -
John & Dotty - Who are we???? Roll call?
dj - hahaha, they know we are here
Rollins - 22 people
Stephanie - big pole in the middle of the room
dj - you know how those ol married guys get
Bill - Well OK meany
dj - i wanna hear i'm turning purple
John - Hey. Stop pinching my wife!!!
- You're here I menat
- Your here
dj - i can't remember! goosed again!
Dotty - OUCH!!!!!!!
- pinched
Bill - I just piched you ...did you feel it?
John and Dotty - Good question. Are we really here?
Sharon Peyton - Bob Hieronimus has a live radio show on Sundays. He probably has to leave early but later would have been better.
Rollins - I wonder if they know we are here
John & Dotty - Too early in the day for $$$$. Should have opened up to the ones on line. :)
Stephanie - Too bad-should have waited til later on in the day
dj - bummer, no high rollers for the bus
Rollins - Remember the camera adds pounds
- looks like married life agrees w kenny
Rollins - The best lookin Bob Hironimus on the planet!
debi - sounds like howdy duty is next.............. bob looks good!
Rollins - Preaching to the choir
Rollins - Max Oaks and Kenny
Rollins - I see Jeff Silverman
Bill - OK
dj - ok, i think Bill will do!
Rob Grant - Hi Sharon....Very long time, no see
William Jefferson Rolins Junior - I mean OK
Rollins - ok
Sharon Peyton - Everyone please remember to put your name in you messages.
debi - dancing in my living room.... hi bernie
Rob Grant - hahahahaha!!!
Rollins - Virtual applause
Berni - I've known Gary since high school and he never rocked like this!Not even with Louise!
Rob Grant - Great song selections
Rollins - Never imagined a virtual reunion.
Berni - That is so great, Billy. Could we have imagined this kind of technology back then?
Barbara - Hey, Trev, are you watching?
Stephanie McGuire - the Bluesette was the place to go when i was a teenager-I'd trudge down there in the snow-could not stay away!
Rollins - Fantastic...we are in touch on facebook with Trevor
Berni - Hey bill and Sharon-I saw Trevor this summer and it was wild! He is doing great.
Rollins - I thought tha twas Gary, this is very different from his past endeavors.
Berni - Of course! Thanks
Sharon Peyton - It looks like Gary Brown on guitar.
Chuck Hughes - Hello from Lafayette, Colorado. I attended the first reunion. I am listening through earphones and the mix is good. The lighting is also good.
Berni - this is GREAT! Who is on stage?
Stephanie - Watching you live from San Jose, CA---Sounds great
Rollins - What band is this?
Berninever mind-I am good -
Rollins - Barbara will do
John & Dotty - Sound is very good here also. I hooked my computer up to the big screen tv and my stereo system. Looks and sound great.
debi - i am in St augustine, Fl, doors are wide open how about you?
Barbara - tuning in from San Francisco. Now I have sound and a fairly good image! :-)
- Wow, bill- Would love to hear THAT story. I've been in Washington state since '76. If you are on Facebook, hit me up.
- hi, i am great, sorry not in b-more, got sound now!
Rollins - sound is great now
Barbara - Hi, Debbie! Where are you?
Rollins - Yes been living in Europe for awhile now
Berni - For REAL?
debi - hi,
Rollins - Switzerland
Berni - Only now I am Crawford. where are you?
- No commercials...but lets remind everyone, while we are waiting to give a donation to MD Food Bank. Thanks
Rollins - Wow! LTNS
- Yeah, Hi bill
Rollins - Is that Berni Givitovski?
Berni - Smiles
Rollins - And there will be no commercials!
Diana dvz/Parkland, FL - Sharon, you are wonderful!! and Nolan a definite magician...
Berni - sharon is right. Definitely magic!
Sharon Peyton - Everyone needs to remember that this is not broadcast TV. It is a different kind of magic and level of quality. I sincerely thank Nolan for everything he is trying to do today. What a blessing for those of us in distant places.
Don L. - Here from Minneapolis, MN where we're somewhat snowed in.
Rob Grant - Hello!!!
Berni - no sound
- crowded
Diana dvz/Parkland, FL - HA! when it gets crowed the camera view may be obstructed.... just mentioning...
- ask the band to stand closer together then :-)
Barbara - Thanks for your gracious efforts, Nolan.
- ok, this is one excuse for not doing homework that even I can't buy
Rollins - LOL
- but people do change obviously, mr. formerly dark & gloomy =>)

John & Dotty - Hi Barb! Hi Sharon!
Rollins - Thanks Nolan! Hi Sharon!
Diana dvz/Parkland, FL - This is wonderful...just needs more volume Nolan and Thank you for all you are so generously giving of your time and knowledge.
Sharon Peyton - Please give all your thank you's for this webcast to Nolan Church Jr. It is his creativity and generosity that are making this possible. All I have been doing is forwarding information by email.
Barbara - Hi Dotty and John!
Barbara - Have video but its frozen. No audio
Rollins - Hi Dotty and John
John and Dotty Reynolds - Hi Bill! So good hearing from you too.
Diana dvz/Parkland, FL - Hello Davis, see you a friend of Kenny's, so am i from FB
Barbara - Sharon, thanks for coordinating this media
Rollins - Living in Europe for the past 5 1/2 years
- Yes
Rollins - HI Diana
Barbara - Bill, are you living in Geneva?
Bill Rollins - Hello Barbara!
Davis Bernsteinx - Davis Bernstein
Barbara (Orak) Rugg - Hi Bill Rollins! Diana dvz/Parkland, FL - ya
- Bill God bless you. ENjoy
Bill Rollins - Watching in Geneva Switzerland
Diana dvz/Parkland, FL - Thank Linda!! Have a great time and wave when you get there!!
Linda - No - Linda Thompson-Berky. I'm getting ready to head down to Frazier's now but it's great to see this ... Diana and everyone else, take care.
Diana dvz/Parkland, FL - Linda Z?
Linda - Thanks Nolan
Diana dvz/Parkland, FLyes - Thanks Nolan!!!

Diana dvz/Parkland, FL - yay!!
Berni - hi Sharon-I John & Dotty Reynolds - Joining in from Round Rock, Texas
Diana dvz/Parkland, FL - Hi Sharon!!! do glad to see you here!
Sharon Peyton - Hello from Novato, California, Marin County, 30 minutes north of the Golden Gate Bridge/San Francisco
Barry "The Professor"/Finksburg, MD - Greetings all...
Berni - signing in early from Washington state
Diana dvz/Parkland, FL - signing in early to say Hello and Good Luck!
JohnnyB - Randallstown
Jan Shpiegelman - good luck pete
Nolan - Use the chat form to let us know you were here. Don't forget to tell us where you are.